Annual Fees

Our annual fee is $200 and covers the period from March 1 to the end of February. The fee is due by April 30th of the year in which it has been assessed. Invoices are issued via Canada Post in March. Reminder notices are issued via email and thru traditional mail.

NOTE: The Board has occasionally been able to offer rebates to all residents making the amount owing less than the annual $200.

These fees fund operations for the year, including general upkeep of community common spaces and maintaining landscaping enhancements throughout the community. This annual fee is pursuant to the encumbrance registered on the title of all residential properties in Wentworth. It is not an optional fee, but a legal requirement, that must be paid annually by every home and condominium owner in the community. 

The Wentworth Residents’ Association has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees. If arrears are outstanding and payment for these outstanding fees is not received by the April 30th deadline, the account may be turned over to the WRA’s lawyer for collection. Any and all legal costs associated with recovering the outstanding fees become the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Please note any payment received by the Association is applied to the oldest charges on your account first. If your account has been sent to the Association’s lawyer for collections, you must pay the lawyer directly as outlined in the correspondence received.

We appreciate and strongly encourage all homeowners to keep their accounts in good standing.

Payment can by made online – it’s free, quick, easy and secure. Payment can also be made via cheque or bank draft payable to the Wentworth Residents’ Association and submitted as outlined below:

Drop it at the West Springs Digital Post location (beside Tim Hortons) in an envelope addressed to: The Wentworth Residents’ Association, Suite 101

Mail it to the:
Wentworth Residents’ Association
406, 917 – 85 Street SW, Suite 101
Calgary, Alberta   T3H 5Z9

For more information about a specific property, please send us an email