Annual General Meetings

All Wentworth Residents’ Association members were invited to view the 2020 Annual General Meeting presentation from the safety of their homes this year due to COVID-19

The AGM, which was to be held on April 22, 2020 at the West Springs Calgary Co-op, did not take place in-person. Instead, the presentation was made available online and shared with members via email. Members who wished to share comments, concerns or ask questions were encouraged to submit them via email. All emails received have been captured below along with a response from The Association.

If you would like to join the WRA Board? Please send us an email with your interest.

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Questions received from members following the distribution of the 2020 AGM

We did consider the option of an online meeting, but decided that sharing the presentation with all residents, allowing them to review at their leisure and then being available to respond to all comments, questions and concerns via email was the best option.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 community-wide garage sales have been rescheduled to September 12th. You can check back on our website to see if this date moves forward and to register your home. 

Yes, the trees along the pathway (and the pathway itself) are the responsibility of the City. We encourage you to call 311. We find the team responsible for trees quite responsive; however, our experience has also been that the City likes to keep natural areas as natural as possible for a myriad of reasons that they can share with you – but do call and discuss your concerns as they will deal with some issues while leaving others issues to nature.

It is our understanding that pond area on Wentworth Square belongs to the City and the Association is not permitted to do any work there (on that entire block, in fact – not the forest or playground areas either). We encourage you to call 311 with your concerns. If you learn something different when speaking to them, please let us know as we could revisit the issue with the City and perhaps ask our landscaping company to enhance the area and improve its current appearance.

Since its inception, the Association has owned the small parcel of land (the wooded area) located on the south side of 9th Avenue between Wentworth Rise and 89th Street SW. The Association is mandated by City Bylaws (same as homeowners) to clear snow from the sidewalk within 24 hours of a snowfall. Snow removal on City property (such as paths as well as sidewalks adjacent to City property (i.e. parks and fields)) is not permitted by the City. The Association is not able to clear snow from any other areas in the Community.
The Association is also obligated as per the encumbrance and restrictive covenants tied to the property to maintain the fence that sits on the property. This fence was likely 20+ years old and while some small fixes had been made to it over the years, it was beyond repair and had to be replaced in 2019. The Association does not maintain fences found on private property as those are the responsibility of the homeowners that own the land those fences sit on. However, the Association has maintained the stone and/or metal fences over the years that sit on common spaces within the community – while the Association is not permitted to remove snow, it is allowed to maintain fences on City owned property.
So, the reason this sidewalk and fence have been taken care of by the Association is because of the ownership of the parcel of land. The Association owns no other pieces of land where it would be obligated to remove snow and maintain fences.

There is some overlap between bylaws and restrictive covenants (RC). If there is a bylaw to support an RC, then the City will enforce the bylaw. To learn more about City bylaws, you can visit You may also call 311.

The Association does not enforce restrictive covenants. Any resident can bring an originating application in court to enforce the covenants on their title. The Association does not have any additional rights over and above what each individual resident has. We suggest that you seek legal advice if you wish to enforce the covenant. The Association does not have any standing to pursue or enforce the RCs put in place by the developer.

There are no off-leash dog areas in Wentworth. You may call 311 to file a complaint if people are misusing the pathway areas. 

Please email us if you have any questions about any of the information shared at our AGMs.